ClearTax Review: Experts are not expert! Very Unprofessional, Poor Service & Zero Support.

My journey started with ClearTax ( in Feb 2019 when I purchased a service with ClearTax to incorporate a Pvt Ltd company. It was good early experience and I decided to get the annual compliances done by ClearTax only.

6 Month Later, due to some issues, our team decided to close the company. I again reached to Cleartax asking for a service closure of the company. Ms Sonali (ClearTax Team) replied:

As I have already purchased the Annual Compliance package and the team replied that I do not need any more compliances in 20–21, I relaxed & left the conversation for almost a year.

When I get back to them asking to initiate the company closure process, Ms Vaishnavi replied:

They asked me to file another year’s of compliance before moving to company closure. Ms Vaishali raised an order for annual compliance but she didn’t know how many directors are there in the company. I confirmed twice and then paid the amount.

After making the payment, she informed me that she forgot to include service for one of the directors and I again need to pay some amount. I argued and then they apologised for the mistake and moved ahead with the order.

I was then informed that this order is fulfilled. I again asked to move ahead with company closure.

It was very surprising that they didn’t file returns & compliances on due date and then told me that late fee of 5,000 INR / Director will be applicable for not filing the DIR KYC.

Interestingly, they shared one person’s saving account number in between the order processing and I deposited the amount as I was very worried at that time. (A Pvt Ltd Company using saving account number for business transaction is how ClearTax operate its business)

After making the payment, Ms Saira came and replied:

She didn’t even know how many years of compliance package I have purchased and asked me to purchase another year of compliance package.

Few days later, they suddenly came up with this reply:

Really? How come they don’t look after company closure process after charging me for this service. I sent them all the conversation and here is the reply I got on Feb 23, 2021:

It is more than 15 days now, I called multiple times, sent emails but she didn’t reply. Till this time, I paid more than 40k INR to ClearTax and my order was not yet processed.

I was forced to request a refund for it and sent a copy of this email to the founders Mr Ankit Solanki & Mr Archit Gupta. Do you know what they did with this refund request? They closed my support ticket the next day without any conversation and asked me to rate the support.

I was not knowing that such unprofessional guys are working for ClearTax and there is no way to talk/communicate with the seniors. There is only one contact number given which is picked by their customer service and they never transfer the call to their seniors.

They claim:

Really? They cheat customers & never answer or address their concern after making the payment.

Then they say:

Expert? Lol! They are only expert in stealing money. World class support wasn’t offered for the last 15+ days.

I am now moving to consumer forum because of the incorrect information they have shared and charged me multiple times without processing my order.

I will post the information about the proceeding & outcome of the consumer forum case as & when available.



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