Educomp Reviews: Say No to Educomp! Poor Content, Worst Service & Highly Unprofessional!

Poor Contents:

It started with false commitment by Educomp representative Mr Rahul Jain (Who left Educomp within months and never get back to us after agreement). What he did was, during presentation he shared pre-decided video tutorials and teaching material. When asked about other contents, he used to say —

Worst Service

Again the promise was to provide service at school within 24 hours to 48 hours. We were quiet impressed with this service policy at the time of agreement.

Highly Unprofessional

Listing below the Educomp representatives with whom we dealt during agreement period:

  • Mr Rahul Jain (March 2012 to June 2012)
  • Mr Ashusotsh Sen (Nov 2012 to Dec 2012)
  • Ms Varsha Shrivastava (Apr 2013 to Dec 2013)
  • Mr Suresh Soni (May 2013 to Sep 2013 — Only employee who informed us before leaving Educomp)
  • Mr Jaspal Suri (July 2014 to Sep 2015)
  • Mr Saurabh (Jan 2016 to Feb 2016)
  • Mr Anubhav Mahule (May 2017 to till date)

What next?

We stopped using their services in April 2015 and moved to next Smart Class vendor.



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