Coindelta Review : Why you should never trade Crypto Currency with CoinDelta?

You should never ever trade crypto-currencies with They are not able to manage their website, which has a lot of bugs and calculation mistakes. If you loose money due to their site bug, they don’t even support or refund any single penny. I deposited 5000 INR first time on, within an hour, their site has gone through some issues on 28th Dec 7:37pm to 9:45pm and my money was locked. They resumed after 2 hours and when they resumed, my money was deducted without any notification.

I asked them to refund, they banned me from their support and chat panel.

It was not my mistake, it happened because their site has some calculation mistakes but I didn’t get any refund for that.

If you go to their refund policy here at , you will find one liner refund policy in it:

Bitfair Technologies Private Limited (“Coindelta”), under no circumstance, entertains the refund or cancellation of a successfully fulfilled order. Once a buyer order is fully or partially matched, the amount in INR is transferred to the seller(s) and these transactions cannot be reversed.

It means that there is no chance of getting refund whatever be the reason.

It seems that the guys are totally unprofessional and immature, earning money from traders illegally.

Though they have launched Cryto-currency trading website but these guys are not able to manage it. Any time they block users accessing the website, block users to deposit money, block users to withdraw money and more over they block users to stop trading.

This is image taken at 8:50am on 30th Dec 2017 and it is reported that their website stopped trading since 6:00pm 29th Dec 2017. Even they are not able to announce when their service will be resumed!

Are these people planning India’s biggest crypto-currency scam?

Just see how their moderators reply to your comment:

Here is another quick show of users facing issue with

6 out of 8 comments are related to website issue. Also note that, I am still blocked from chat even after 24 hours and my money is still with them.

Here is latest update on 31st Dec at 10:30am. Traders are continuously getting issue with the website:

Here are some commonly faced issues with their website:

If you still put your money on, do at your own risk.

Happy Crypto-currency Trading!



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